A vibrant personality combined with an extensive musical background enables
Steve Andreason to bring a superb blend of entertainment and musicianship
to any engagement.

His musical experiences have included U.S. national and international
tours in virtually every imaginable performance situation, ranging from
intimate and discriminating lounges to Las Vegas style show/dance rooms
and cruise ships.

This lengthy and varied performance career has helped him accumulate a vast
repertoire reflecting the entire musical field: Jazz, Top Forty, Pop, Folk, Show Tunes, Movie Themes, Standards, Blues and Classical.

Steve is a talented composer and often spices the evening with original compositions or improvisation while fielding virtually every request from his audience. With such an extensive repertoire and ability he is able to adapt easily to any particular setting or mood.

Steve is also an accomplished vocalist, delivering a wide range of vocal styles with a warmth and presence that enhances rich ballads as well as up-tempo pop tunes.

Performing primarily in the Northwest region of the United States from the mid 1980's he moved on to international engagements in Mexico and the Caribbean in the late 1980's and early 1990's. From 1993 to 2001 Steve toured Asia, performing at many of the top hotels there. More recently returning to the Pacific Northwest he now performs on a regular basis in the area's premier venues.

Steve's trademarks of high energy, enthusiasm and audience rapport make him a dynamic center for any performance setting.